Our Story

Our Story

FerdY has been making comfort, style, and relaxation a priority in bathtubs for over 15 years. Our extensive line of high-quality bathtubs include innovative features that bring luxury and indulgence to your everyday life.

FerdY Bathtub strives for innovation in modern and elegant design, ergonomically engineered as large freestanding soaking bathtubs for full-body immersion. FerdYA FerdY bathtub creates a striking focal point in your bathing area while providing that calm and relaxing feeling you seek when experiencing a bath.

Our 6-year Structural and Surface Warranty provides you with security and peace of mind and comes standard with every purchase. If anything were to go wrong at the structural and surface level, we are here for you.

Central to FerdY's story is the importance we give to using the best materials possible and ensuring our products and manufacturing techniques are best in class and environmentally friendly. We use genuine Lucite® acrylic to manufacture our tubs. It may not seem like an important difference at first, but when you consider the benefits, the choice of using Lucite for the surface of our tub is significant.

Lucite® Acrylic provides a beautiful and uniform high-gloss finish throughout the sheet of acrylic, and not just on the surface. A scratch on the surface of a FerdY tub can safely and easily be polished out. Scratches on ordinary tubs with only a thin acrylic coating sprayed on cannot be buffed out without risking more unsightly damage. Porcelain surfaces are also hard and costly to repair if scratched or chipped, making them a less desirable finish for tubs.

Lucite® is stain-resistant and able to withstand general wear and tear. A FerdY bathtub will not fade due to UVA exposure, so their colour stays true. It can withstand harsh weather and many household chemicals. The surface is non-porous, so dirt does not accumulate making them easy to clean and maintain.

Our story does not end here. We are fanatical about ensuring you are a Raving Fan of your FerdY bathtub and for this we provide U.S. based customer service that will delight you if ever you need to connect with us.

Yes, we love and believe in our bathtubs, and we are positive you will too. So, isn't it time to indulge in your own relaxing experience?

FerdY ®  Always a Relaxing Experience